maples Capital District Tree Service


Providing professional residential and commercial tree services.

We specialize in tree removal, trimming, and emergency tree removal services.


Do you have a prized tree that needs a trim? We can trim specific branches that may negatively impact your home. Winds and storm damage are best prevented with a quick examination and the necessary limb removal.


We can quickly identify and plan for the safe and clean removal of any trees on your question. Regardless of the size or type of tree, we have the equipment and knowledge to create an affordable solution. Stump removal is another option we can provide.


When you notice a hazardous tree, known in our business as a “danger tree”, we will prioritize scheduling and expedite the work/ We know Albany-area storm potential and have the equipment to safely remove the limb or tree in question.

Trusted Professional Company

We will quickly respond to your inquiry and will provide a free estimate of services. As we serve all communities of the Capital Region, we will be there whether you are in Albany to Watervliet.